To get the seeds out of a pomegranate, cut the pomegranate in half and hold one of the halves (with the cut side down) over a bowl. Whack the skin all over, including the edges. The arils—which are the seeds and the juice pods that surround them—will fall out of the fruit. These arils are what you’ll use in the smoothie. Normally, a medium-sized pomegranate will supply about a cup of arils.

Serves 1.


3 large collard leaves, stems removed
1 Bartlett pear, cored
2 oranges, peeled and deseeded
½ cup pomegranate arils
2 ounces water, if needed


Thoroughly wash the applicable fruits and vegetables. Blend all the ingredients (except the water) until smooth. If necessary, add the water.


Collard Pomegranate Orange